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Women are hot. Sorry if that’s uncomfortable for you.

Hey, hey.

We’re back. And the tunes we are playing are a little different this time. Just as raw though, just as honest. So, strap in.


You think you can handle that? No? Well…your loss. Feel free to check out now. But for the sake of everyone, yourself included, you might want to stick around for this one.

Honey Birdette has once again been slammed for its advertisement campaign. The sexy images of women, made by women, for women, are supposedly sexist.

Let’s face it; they’re not sexist. They’re simply confronting to some people. Why? Because they portray women as sexy, powerful beings. A role usually played by a man.Image result for honey birdette chateau campaign

Now, you know you won’t often hear me playing the feminist card, not because I’m not a feminist, but because I often feel the word falls on deaf ears. People tune out when I argue a point on the basis of feminism. People are sick of hearing it. Well, too bad.

Feminism. Deal with it. That’s where we’re at.

I would fall upon my knees and worship at the feet of the women who came before me. The ones who attended walk-outs and sit-ins, the ones who were locked up, sold off, beaten by their husbands and fathers. The first female warriors strong enough to call themselves feminists. They gave me the freedom to say what I want. They fought for that right, sacrificed for it. You’ll notice, I don’t often take that freedom for granted. They gave me the power to say no. Such a simple word, one many of my ancestors did not hold in their hands. But I do. And I could not be more grateful.

They also gave me, and every other woman lucky enough to live in a free country, my sexuality back. No longer would we be forced to cover up and be passive participants in the act of procreation. No longer just a warm body in which to stick it, but a sexually powerful, teasing, loving woman who knows what it means to orgasm.

Are you blushing? Is heat rising under your collar? Not sure where to look? Am I making you uncomfortable?

I don’t care.

I used to walk past Honey Birdette, blush, look at my feet and hurry past. I didn’t have the confidence to say, “I want to wear that.” I envisioned that any man who saw me in it would laugh rather than be aroused. I thought some women had that kind of confidence and some women didn’t. I put myself squarely in the category of ‘not good enough to be sexy.’

Why? Because at a young age I was told off for wearing shorts instead of dresses. Only sluts wear shorts. Yes, that’s what someone told me.

Don’t wear a tank top Gitta; only whores wear tank tops.

You need to wear a skivvy Gitta; you shouldn’t let your breasts show like that.

I can’t believe you wear leggings; you’re practically naked in those things.

At the time, I was genuinely concerned about these comments. All of which I might add, came from other women. You know what I have to say about those comments now?

Sorry, not sorry.

Almost a year ago now, I started working in a lingerie shop. I can’t begin to explain to you how my confidence sky rocketed. Working in a team of all women, helping women to feel sexy, comfortable, confident, sporty, cute, whatever they needed – it’s an experience you have to be a part of to understand. My daily life became filled with phrases like “You go, girl” and “Work it.” I weekly have other women tell me my butt looks good or compliment my figure. My heart soared yesterday because when I walked into work, my manager greeted me by saying; “You cute little hourglass, you”. These experiences made me realise how normal sex is and that confidence is just a state of mind. I’ve always said the sexiest thing in the world is confidence. I can’t tell you how empowering it is to embody it rather than witness it.

Now, that I’ve got that little, ‘screw you if you try to stamp out my sexuality’ rant off my chest, let’s get back to the haters. Time to put them in their place.

The brand has been accused of being “distasteful”, “unacceptable” and “demeaning to women.” There seemed to be a particular concern about children and families walking past. Now, I get it. They look hot, but the ad is not targeting men or children. It’s not perverted. It’s targeting women, empowering them to be the sexy, confident, goddesses that they are.

Now hold up. I can hear you already. “Children shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of thing.”

Well, okay. But then you Justin Bieber and his Calvins | herworldPLUSbetter get Calvin Klein to take down those ridiculously sexy images of Justin Bieber in his underwear. Now, I’m not a man. So, I can’t tell you what men think when they look at photos of beautiful women in lingerie. But I can guarantee you that it won’t be too far afield from what I’m thinking when Bieber is pulling his shirt up and tugging on his jeans like that.

Ooof. Sexy.

So, where are the all the ‘do-gooders’ complaining about that? Honestly, how can we let our young girls be exposed to such images? Sarcasm intended.

Real talk. How many times can you remember Ellen Degeneres stripping down a hot, young, male celebrity on her show? I’ve seen more tighty whities on that daytime, family show than any episode of Gossip Girl or True Blood. And no one complains!

It’s not the sexiness that offends people. It’s when women are the sexy ones. Worse than that, the powerfully, sexy ones. The ad campaign in question doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with men. It doesn’t even have men in it. It features a lesbian couple having an affair at a chateau.

The real question is, why do people hate on Honey Birdette for depicting the sexual prowess of women instead of congratulating them on including the LGBTQ community in their campaign.

Seriously, Y’all need to chill if you’re hating on Honey Birdette. That company has women’s back. Its staff is almost 90% female. So, unless you really believe that women are capable of being misogynistic, I’m not sure that you have a case.

To quote the managing director of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan- “It’s 2018. It’s ridiculous.”

Preach Eloise, preach.

As always, be kind, my loves.


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