The Symptoms and the Cause

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Is political correctness causing us to ignore serious issues?

As far as I can see, political correctness is causing a lot of people to be looking in the wrong direction.

Seen as I am about to go in on political correctness again…it’s probably a good time to remind you that if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like someone giving their hard wired beliefs a good shake…you probably shouldn’t read this.

It’s funny that a nameless twenty one year old like myself could create so much anger in the readers of both my current affairs blogs and my blogs on feminism, men’s rights and political correctness.

I have been accused of a multitude of things that I simply am not and would never dream of endorsing.

Things like…

  • homophobia,
  • Islamophobia
  • endorsing the suffering of women

Gosh, I must be a very busy woman – walking around hating everyone and everything while ensuring I remain in a constant state of suffering.

If you’re not into sarcasm…also probably  a good idea that you stop reading. I enjoy a good bit of sarcasm and as such, you’re bound to bump into in the next few paragraphs.

However, if you are one of the few who enjoy reading my logical and fiery opinions then settle in. This week, we will be discussing the growing fashion that is fighting the symptoms of life’s evils and not the cause.

Hollywood – a shining example of political correctness gone wrong

The ever loudening outcry that Hollywood is racist because the majority of people who work in that field are white is absurd.

What’s even more absurd? That everyone thinks the problem can be solved by simply hiring ethnic actors.

Can you hear the alarm bells ringing in your ear?

No? Well, let me adjust your hearing aid.

This problem, such as some see it, does not lie in the casting offices in America.

It does not lie in Hollywood or anywhere in America itself.

It lies in Africa. It lies in the Middle East and it lies in many Asian countries.

Now, hold up! Before you call me racist – just breathe and hear me out.

The first thing that no one seems to want to talk about is that different cultures value different things.

This ultimately effects the line of work that certain people go into.

It’s actually as simple as – different people like different things.

Sometimes actually being politically correct means living in a world where the stats don’t suggest that. It’s called giving people a say in their own lives.

To say that there should be a 50/50 split in Hollywood (or any other line of work) would require forcing people into lines of work that they couldn’t give a stuff about.

Not to mention, it would require turning away applicants who would be great at the role for applicants who will just scrape by.

At the end of the day, individuals make choices and those choices should not be pressured by the politically correct, statistically fair society that some people desire and they couldn’t give a stuff about.

There’s a much bigger issue at play here anyway…

The reason that white actors are called upon to play ethnic roles is not a matter of racism.

It is a matter of talent. Now why does it appear that most talented actors and actresses in the world are white?

(Careful now, I didn’t say all. I said most.)

It’s because of how lucky Westerners are.

Yes. We are lucky. Argue me on that – I dare ya.

We live in countries where our parents drive us to school in the morning. If we don’t, we live somewhere we can walk or get public transport without getting raped or abducted.

Not only that, a lot of us have the opportunity to go to schools designed for students who excel in arts or science.

Our opportunities are endless and all you can do is complain that the world you see in the movies doesn’t look the way you want the world to look.

Here’s a funny thought…

Why don’t you put your efforts into something you have power over? Like what the actual world looks like.

Let’s get away from the movies and back to the real world

Let’s compare the importance of political correctness to some real issues…shall we? Just for fun…

News flash.

People in poorer countries, without the provisions we have in place to keep us safe don’t have the same luxuries that we do.

There are places in the world where girls are raped every night on their way home from school, yet they go to school anyway.

There are places where boys are abducted and made to dress like girls and dance for a party of men who will rape them that same night. Don’t believe me? Just google ‘bacha bazi’.

And you’re complaining because you think the fact that Scarlett Johansson played a Japanese chick in one of her movies isn’t politically correct.

Here’s some food for thought…

Have you ever considered that implying there is something so inherently different between Johansson and a Japanese girl that the two could never relate or empathise with one another…might actually be racist.

That doesn’t vex me nearly as much as the fact that you’re looking at a spot fire and screaming ‘Black Saturday’. The real fire, the one that is destroying lives and enslaving people…is quite literally just to the left of where you’re looking.

The two issues are so closely aligned that it’s crazy.

But no one seems to care quite as much about poverty as they do about the authenticity of movies.

Where current affairs and political correctness meet

I believe that a lot of these issues are directly aligned with the sudden trend for being politically correct.

This is what political correctness is doing to us.

It is causing us to ignore the real tragedies, stop telling people the truth because it might hurt their feelings, blame white, wealthy men for all the problems in the world and call anyone who speaks out a white supremacist.

Honestly, the fact that you want to have a whinge and a moan about Johansson playing a non white character when there are people being murdered, tortured, raped, enslaved…sickens me.

We can’t say that though, we can’t take action that prevents these tragedies from occurring.

Why not?

Because to criticise anyone who isn’t a white male is to be called a Nazi.

Do you know what the worst part about that is?

There are actually real Nazi’s in the world.

Instead of setting real Nazi’s straight, you’ll scream names at the guy in army uniform that did nothing but cross the street. ‘

“Racist”, people scream

“Invasion day endorser.”

Never mind if has an aboriginal wife.

Never mind if he is of aboriginal descent.

Never mind if he spent nine months away from his friends and family in order to fight the real evils you’re too scared to actually talk about because it might be politically incorrect.

Oh, but I guess you’re right. If someone is in the army, they must be a fascist.

Umm…hello! Who the hell do you think stopped the Nazis in the first place?

A clue. It wasn’t a bunch of naked hippies singing peace and love. It was the armies of the world that came together to protect the future so you ungrateful sods could live in it.

But no, people already have their preconceived ideas and they don’t want to hear that maybe they could be wrong.

They’ll happy talk over anyone who disagrees with them, the sound of their voice getting louder and louder until no one can actually hear them.

The symptoms are being mistaken for the cause in politics too

This kind of rubbish is exactly why Donald Trump got elected in the first place.

Another symptom that people are taking up arms against instead of fighting the reasons people felt the need to elect him.

No one cared that Hillary was a woman.

They cared that she was the same kind of gutless leader who hid behind the promise of bullshit policies.

Just like every other leader we have had lately.

The symptoms are important to people who endorse political correctnes for one reason and one reason alone.

The symptoms effect them.

They can see them in you’re every day life.

They can’t deny that they’re there.

The causes on the other hand, are far away from thw,.

They’re distant and they feel powerless to those evils.

So instead they focus on the symptoms.

Metaphorically speaking, they treat the broken bones of the battered woman but make no attempt to remove her from the bastard that beat her up in the first place.

Why? They might hurt his feelings.

Well, news flash.

That’s not good enough. And despite people’s beliefs, no amount of political correctness and no university degree in the world is going to prepare you for the fact the world is brutal and bloody.

Yes, it would be nice to live in a utopia where everyone got along but if that’s what people are fighting for…then they should probably stay dreaming.

Too harsh?

I don’t care.

It’s the truth.

If history has taught us anything, it is that people are capable of unspeakable things.

Revolutions, war, pretty much any attempt at communism.

It all equaled corruption.

It all equaled pain and violence.

Closing your eyes doesn’t change the outcome.

So, I don’t care about what roles actors get cast in.

Want to know why not?

Because I can open my eyes wide enough to see that rape and torture is a far more important issue.




Take up arms against the things causing real damage and stop protecting people from things that won’t hurt them.

Ideas and opinions are not harmful but silence is.

And silence is what you ask for every time you scream fascist or Nazi at someone who disagrees with you.

Learn the meaning behind the words you are speaking, remember the history behind them and maybe you’ll realise why fighting the cause is much more important than making a fuss over the symptoms.

After all – if you cure the flu, your patient will stop sneezing.

As always, I want to reinforce that I could be the problem here. You could be the problem here. We could all be the problem here.

That is why it is so important for us to keep talking.

Be kind, my loves.

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