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Political correctness – have we taken it too far?

Political correctness – an analysis…

Heads up – if you’re a fan of political correctness you might not like what you’re about to read.

That’s okay, I am more than aware of that. I’m not here to hold your hand through the harsher parts of life, and whisper in your ear that it’s all going to be okay.

I am here to give you a fucking sabre to fight the oncoming darkness with. That sabre, is called the truth. My version of it anyway.

If you don’t like that, if you’ve got a problem with the things I’ve got to say – that’s fine too. You don’t have to agree. I’m not here to make you agree. I’m a writer. I’m here to make you think. Think for yourself.

If you’re not down with that, stop reading now.

If you don’t like strolling through uncharted territory and thinking outside the box, you won’t like what I’ve got to say.

I can guarantee it.

So, click the red ‘x’ at the top of the screen. Go back to your coffee, your T.V. show or whatever it was you were doing before you happened across this article.

You’ll be better off, trust me.

You see, for the last few years I’ve been careful about what I say. People’s feelings and their ever so thin skin had my mouth duct taped shut.

Well now, the gloves are finally coming off.

So,if you like having someone walk up to the paper bag of your life and shake the contents onto the ground, then strap in. I am about take you on a ride.

So, with that said – let’s get into all the political correctness.

The politically correct –  who is actually correct?

Have you ever considered, that you might be the problem?

Yes, you. Whoever it is that you are.

Leftist, rightist, topsy turvy upside downist.

I don’t care where you sit on the political scale. I don’t even care if you don’t know what the political scale is.

I just want you to hold onto the idea that whether you like the politically correct or you hate it – you might be wrong.

You might be the problem.

Rest assured, I don’t exclude myself from this. I could be the problem. We could be the problem.

Hold that thought.

Political correctness – what I see

Political correctness is preventing people from thinking for themselves.

The most disconcerting thing that I witness, nearly every day, is the regurgitation of popular media opinion. Either the world is being overrun by fascist, bogans or it is being strangled by weak, ignorant, leftist fools.

That is what I hear in the media. Worse still, that is what I hear coming out of mouths of the people around me. Tell me, when did we stop praising the ability to think for ourselves?

For a long time now, I have stopped stating my real opinion because I know to those around me, it will be taboo. Society has been holding our hands down the garden path of anarchy for some time now. It’s doing a good job of dressing it up like Sunday tea parties with grandma.

Very few people see it. Isn’t that what makes a con so good?

You see, as I get older and I venture out into the world more, I notice a recurring theme. The lack of an ability to empathise. Even sympathise.

Hold on, don’t brush me off just yet.

Bernie Sanders said it best, when he said that just because someone voted for Trump, does not make them a bad person. It doesn’t make them anything, other than someone who voted for Trump.

On that theme, just because someone cares about refugees, doesn’t make them a terrorist sympathiser. It doesn’t make them anything, except someone who cares about refugees.

Just because someone is Christian it doesn’t make them homophobic.

Are you picking up what I am putting down yet?

There are so many generalisations that have been condemned by both sides of the argument. Yet there are also so many generalisations that run rampant.

Simply, because people today assume the worst. We make no effort to understand the other side of the story. As a result, we end up fracturing our own society and fighting with people we have no need to.

I mean – look around you. Can you really call Australia a united people? America? Britain? Russia? France? China? Anywhere? I doubt it.

What’s my beef with political correctness?

Here’s my issue. Political correctness has slowly turned into censorship.

Political correctness. It has slowly turned into censorship.

Oops, was that a bit rough for you to hear? Did that pinch a nerve? I don’t care. I am not here to make you feel comfortable. I am here to make you think.

Remember the question I asked you about whether or not you’re the problem? Keep holding onto that.

As a writer, I was constantly told at university what I was and was not allowed to write.

  • Don’t write about a gay person who dies. It’s homophobic.
  • Don’t write a story about a white man who gets angry at someone who’s not white. It’s racist.
  • Don’t write a story about a girl who has a strong male role model in her life. It’s sexist.
  • Don’t make any jokes that someone, somewhere could potentially find offensive.

Come the fuck on.

Did it ever occur to you, that there are people out there with opinions that differ to your own? Did it ever occur to you that, that’s okay? Not only is it okay, it doesn’t make the other person wrong. It doesn’t make them a bad person. It just makes them different.

People deal with life in a multitude of ways. Who are you to inflict your ways on anybody else?

Yes, I am talking to you.

Leftist, rightist, topsy turvy upside downist.

If someone deals with racism by making a joke, that’s okay.

If someone deals with rape, by writing a story in which the rapist is brutally murdered, that’s okay.

You don’t have to deal with life the same way they do. Better yet, they don’t have to deal with life the same way you do.

I can hear you saying it already. “But this.” “But that.”

Half of the problems that I see in the world today, come from a lack of positive communication.

My pet peeve, people who call other people ignorant as though it’s not offensive.

If someone disagrees with you, if some sits on the opposite end of the spectrum, it doesn’t make them stupid. Which is effectively what you’re calling them.



lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated

I know, I know. You didn’t say they were stupid, you said they were ignorant. Just like you didn’t call them a Nazi but you did call them fascist.

So, long as were shouting insults at one another – no one is getting anywhere.

You might think you’re right –  you might even be right –  but when you’re calling a brain surgeon ignorant the only thing you are going to achieve is to piss them off.

Can you feel me yet?

politically correct

Why political correctness scares me as a writer

If I am restricted from writing what I want, then we no longer live in a democracy.

You see, if I am not allowed to express what I feel and craft stories that show the world as I see it –  you’re silencing me.

Not just me, but the world that I have been a part of. The world that I have witnessed.

I speak not just for myself.

  • I speak for men.
  • I speak for women.
  • Every gender.
  • Every race

I am speaking for every person holding ideologies, or religious and political opinions that are being thwarted by the clutch of political correctness. I am speaking for everybody who wants to fucking say something.

At the end of the day, life is not politically correct.

In the real world – shit happens. People make mistakes. They grow, they learn and nobody is the same person that they were yesterday.

So, why should our art, our voices, the marks we leave behind, act as if it is.

Life can be seriously cruel. Do you expect creators to simply ignore that because you might get triggered?

If we aren’t allowed to approach and express that with our individual voices, what is the god damn point in saying anything at all?

I might as well shut up shop and go find a more reliable source of income.

You don’t have to agree with each other.

You don’t have to agree with me.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit across the table from one another, without calling each other names?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you accepted each other, for who you both are?

Cut the judgement, cut the bullshit and just bloody listen.

It’s not hard to be FRIENDS with people who are different

If you think that’s not possible, I am walking proof that it is.

I have friends who have been called homophobic.

I have friends who have been called racist.

I have friends who have been called sexist.

Do I believe that they are any of those things? No.

I do believe that they have opinions about specific topics that have led people who don’t know them to jump to conclusions.

There is a large portion of people who seem to have forgotten the meanings of certain words.

Words like fascist.



Even words like sexual predator and pedophile.

Those are some serious accusations to be slinging around. You can’t actually be surprised when you use a word like that to describe someone who you have no proof is guilty of such things.

It might make you feel powerful. It make you feel like you fighting back against what you perceive to be evil.

BUT – none of that makes you right.

The only thing you are doing when you yell these words at people, instead of attempting to understand their point of view, is to ensure the conversation stops.

And that – dear readers –  is exactly what we don’t want to happen.

That’s it. I’m out. I could go on but if you haven’t picked up what I am putting down yet, I’m not going to force it down your throat. I don’t like being told what to think. So, I am not going to do that to you.

Be kind, my loves,



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